Canonscan Lide 200

Canonscan Lide 200 Canonscan Lide 200

Magic Jack

Oh, I would have loved Magic Jack  to work for me! I wanted to get rid of my home phone for good and… [more]

Magic Jack Magic Jack


Where do I begin to tell you how important this gadget is for me? I don't think I could survive without… [more]

Tivo Tivo

Roomba Vacuum Reviews

I have been buying the latest model every two years, but I still got the old ones and they work great.… [more]

Roomba Vacuum Reviews Roomba Vacuum Reviews

Indoor Potty for Dogs

I have always lived in apartments, and I've always had dogs, so I wanted to have a way of not having… [more]

Indoor Potty for Dogs Indoor Potty for Dogs

BiOrb Fish Tanks

The BiOrbs are beautiful fishbowls. Aquarium professionals don't like them very much because the filtration… [more]

BiOrb Fish Tanks BiOrb Fish Tanks

Strap Perfect

Strap Perfect does give you cleavage because it gives you a subtle lift and hides the straps of your… [more]

Strap Perfect Strap Perfect

Cool Bed III

I adore it! I cannot tell you how much I love this Cool Bed III!  I got it for my old dog who suffered… [more]

Cool Bed III Cool Bed III