Canonscan Lide 200

I have been using scanners for years. I need to scan stuff all the time for my home business, and I've never had a better scanner than the Canonscan Lide 200. I've had it for over 3 years now, and I am not planning to upgrade or change it any time soon. It does what it's supposed to do and it does it very well. I have other scanners that are just sitting there, mostly part of a couple of All-In-Ones that are mostly used as decoration (got to get around to donating them). I am using Windows 7 64 bit and I have never had a problem with drivers or conflicts. I love my scanner!


Where do I begin to tell you how important this gadget is for me? I don't think I could survive without my Tivo. I refuse to watch TV the normal way ever again. I have had Tivo since it firs came out and now I'm all the way to my Tivo HD.... yes I am going to get the Premiere soon. But I still have my very first Tivo working and it's great. I also purchased an external hard drive, which gives me hundreds of hours of recording! I have tried the DVRs that cable companies offer, but the ease of use and the features that Tivo offers are just unbeatable. If you can't afford the latest, you can always get an older model, so stop reading Tivo reviews now, and run to get one. This is must have!!

Magic Jack

Oh, I would have loved Magic Jack  to work for me! I wanted to get rid of my home phone for good and just use Magic Jack and my cell phone. Fortunately, I live in a building that has an electronic directory that calls your number to buzz someone in, and Magic Jack won't work for that, so I didn't get it. I'm glad, because a friend of mine got it and we found out that it really doesn't work that well. Bad customer service! So I'm still stuck with my home phone. But for the price, I guess a lot of people are using it without complaints.