Quimica Alemana Nail Hardener

I saw the hostess of a morning show talking about this product. The name is in Spanish: Esmalte Endurecedor de Uñas - Química Alemana. Awesome product! The best nail hardener I have ever tried. I had been struggling with the worst nails you can imagine. They would peel, break constantly, I could just fold and break the tip of the nail off with my fingers! The same with my toe nails... they were like thin paper. I had given up ever having nice nails again, and I refused to get back into the routine of having to maintain acrylic nails. Well, I bought this nail hardener, and now I have beautiful long, strong nails!! I can hardly believe it! I wash dishes, I do carpentry, I do all kinds of things with my hands, and my nails still look great. I order this product by the dozen, because it's also really inexpensive! I cannot recommend it enough.

Ped Egg

I think the egg shape design of the Ped Egg is really clever! The shape of this cute little foot file, makes it really easy and comfortable to hold, and it's great for travel. The file is attached to the top of the egg in a way that the skin shavings fall in a reservoir. There is also a regular file on the other side to smooth the skin after you "shaved" it. Now they even have it with a handle, and you can buy replacement files. I had seen it sitting there in my local drugstore time and again, I read a lot of Ped Egg reviews, all good, until I finally fell for it and I couldn't be happier! For the price, this is an item that every girl should have since you are gonna save a lot of money in pedicures!

Strap Perfect

Strap Perfect in actionStrap Perfect does give you cleavage because it gives you a subtle lift and hides the straps of your bra, making any top, especially racerbacks, wearable. Some women say it helps them with posture, and I have found that it depends on the bra. Some very silky bras make the Strap Perfect slip. But in general, it really does what it says it does, and I use it almost every day. It's comfortable, easy to use after the first few times, and it doesn't cost much. Nobody can tell you are wearing it, and it lasts a long time. A must for every girl's closet. I love it!