Cool Bed III

I adore it! I cannot tell you how much I love this Cool Bed III!  I got it for my old dog who suffered from arthritis and he used to love it. It's my favorite orthopedic dog bed.  My new puppy just uses it as his own personal water bed.  He adores it!!!  There has never been any leaking, and it has lasted me for over 4 years now. Among all the cooling beds for dogs, this one is my favorite of favorites. They come in three sizes and you can also buy very nice covers with bolsters and everything.  Be careful not to put under direct sunlight or close to a heater. Do your dog a favor and get one for him... or her. Just watch out if you have cats and they take a liking to the bed; their nails can eventually poke holes in it.

Cool Bed III - Large

Cool Bed III - Medium

Cool Bed III - Small






And to go with it...

Bolster and Sheet Set for the Small Cool Bed III