Quimica Alemana Nail Hardener

I saw the hostess of a morning show talking about this product. The name is in Spanish: Esmalte Endurecedor de Uñas - Química Alemana. Awesome product! The best nail hardener I have ever tried. I had been struggling with the worst nails you can imagine. They would peel, break constantly, I could just fold and break the tip of the nail off with my fingers! The same with my toe nails... they were like thin paper. I had given up ever having nice nails again, and I refused to get back into the routine of having to maintain acrylic nails. Well, I bought this nail hardener, and now I have beautiful long, strong nails!! I can hardly believe it! I wash dishes, I do carpentry, I do all kinds of things with my hands, and my nails still look great. I order this product by the dozen, because it's also really inexpensive! I cannot recommend it enough.